Borders Should No Longer Be Barriers
In Clinical Trials

Cross-Border Access to Clinical Trials

For many patients, participating in a clinical trial is a vital lifeline. Lack of of clinical trial options in their home country urges many patients, particularly those with life-threatening or rare diseases, to seek options across borders.

Yet, despite high demand, it is rare for patients to gain access to a clinical trials beyond their home country. The lack of an EU-wide legal framework or any guidance that defines the conditions for accessing clinical trials in another country creates high barriers for patients and healthcare professionals.

It's time to shift the focus from barriers to options.

The EU Cross-Border Clinical Trials Initiative

EU-X-CT is a multi-stakeholder initiative aimed at systematically collecting information on the barriers to cross-border participation in clinical trials from all European countries -inside and outside the EU- and developing recommendations for enabling better access.

The initiative is a concerted effort by volunteers from patient organisations, academics, research networks, industry, and not-for-profit organisations, led by EFGCP and EFPIA.

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12 Apr. 2024 - Public Stakeholders' Forum:

Our Objectives

Raise Awareness

To connect with existing and new initiatives to raise awareness about current issues that hinder access to clinical trials beyond a patient's home country

Gather Information

To collect comprehensive information on barriers to cross-border clinical trial access covering legal, regulatory, financial, and practical aspects

Publish Recommendations

To develop and publish recommendations to enable better access to cross-border clinical trials


Nov 24, 2022

Kick-off meeting

Apr 12, 2024

Public Stakeholders' Workshop

Q1 2025

Final Recommendation

Jun 19, 2023

Progress Meeting

Jun 26, 2024

Progress Meeting

Our Stakeholders

Patient Representation

  • Patients and Carers
  • Patient Advocates
  • Patient organisations

Legal and Regulatory

  • EU and national policymakers
  • Regulators
  • Ethics committees


  • Insurance companies
  • Payers

Clinical and Academic

  • Investigators and study groups
  • Pharmaceutical associations
  • Industry and academic sponsors
  • European Research Networks
  • Medical and professional societies

Our Leadership

With the Support of